Junction City School District

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Junction City High School

(541) 998-2343 | 1135 W 6th Ave

Small town spirit and traditions in a 21st century learning environment promote participation and pride through school activities. JCHS students experience a Homecoming-Noise Parade with Class Floats, Mr. Frost and class Lip Sync in the winter, Val-O-Grams, and a student-led Cesar Chavez celebration. Many students participate in Student Government and the Spring Talent Show. Great parent involvement helps guide our Site Council, Tiger Club (boosters), and the Tiger Auction that benefits student activities and athletics. Our unique Core Values Program - promotes respect, integrity, commitment, attitude and accountability. Consistently high graduation rates and low drop-out rates are a hallmark of our high school. 98% of 9th and 10th graders are fully scheduled. Professional technical offerings and electives mean that every high school student can find a course of study that is engaging and meaningful. Sixteen AP and College Now courses allow students to obtain college level credit- preparing them for post-secondary options while saving families thousands of dollars in college tuition.

Oaklea Middle School

(541) 998-3381 | 1515 Rose St

Oaklea Middle School has advanced curriculum. Each teacher stresses academic rigor in the core classes of math, social studies, language arts, and science. For more advanced students, sessions are available for math and language arts including TAG support. In addition, students have a rotation of enrichments that offer a chance to experience a variety of engaging mini classes. We also have integrated art through our ArtCore and Studio 2 Schools grants. And, we have a state of the art fitness center that students utilize weekly. In addition to excellent curriculum, Oaklea Middle School students have access to numerous athletic clubs. Students have the opportunity to participate in football, cross country, volleyball, cheerleading, basketball, wrestling, and track and field. There are also times when our athletes compete at the state and national level. Oaklea’s ability to access sports keeps students active while practicing the power of teamwork, strive for excellence, recognize potential in everyone, and develop leaders. Oaklea has two groups of Robotics teams that practice and compete regularly throughout the year. This fun activity allows students to learn how to build and program robots, using Legos to compete at the state level. Our goal is to fully engage your student in their success at Oaklea Middle School.

Laurel Elementary School

(541) 998-2386 | 1401 Laurel St

As a K-4 school, Laurel Elementary is a safe and nurturing environment that provides our students a solid academic and social foundation for success. Core classroom instruction includes daily dedicated 90 and 60 minute blocks for Reading/Language Arts and Mathematics respectively. Core instruction also includes Social Studies, Writing, and Inquiry based Science units. Because we are committed to a comprehensive experience, we are one of the few elementary schools offering both Media Skills and Music programs, taught by specialists, rather than classroom teachers. All students receive both Media Skills and Music every week. Both of these programs are frequently enhanced by bringing in experts in specific areas such as juggling and drumming. Laurel’s Positive Behavior Interventions and Support system revolves around three big ideas: Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful. By teaching students the specific behavior expectations for each area of the school, we have created an environment that is predictable and safe for our kids. The system teaches students behavioral expectations for each area of the school and provides student incentives such as Lunch with the Principal, Secretaries, or even the Police Chief, Leopard Spots, and classroom awards during our monthly assemblies.

Territorial Elementary School

(541) 998-8371 | 92609 Territorial Rd

At Territorial our mission is to build students with strong character, positive attitudes, collaborative team work, and effective study skills. To build strong character, we will recognize and encourage positive behavior. To encourage confident attitudes we will model a growth mindset in students, staff, and community members. We will provide opportunities to collaborate and work together to develop critical thinkers and problem solvers. Students will develop effective study skills as they demonstrate careful listening, following directions, and doing a job they are proud of. We will sculpt a community of vibrant, joyful, and increasingly independent lifelong learners. Territorial Elementary students generally place above state average, or even exceed the standards measured in the areas of Science, Math, and ELA. Our highly qualified teachers work hard to provide instruction that is engaging and aligned to standards, using guaranteed and viable curriculum. In addition to positive academic outcomes, Territorial Elementary school has much to offer the students and families of Junction City, including a welcoming small school environment, and a higher rate of parent involvement. Territorial is a great place to grow, learn, and be.